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Flags and Banners

Four kinds of flags that had devices or badges on them in period:

gonfanon - small square flag with three tails streaming from the fly used in 11th and 12th centuries, mostly used by commanders in battle

pennoncel (or pennon) - small trianglar lance-flag. It became the the distinctive flag of the "ordinary" knight, known later as the knight batchelor, adn was painted with the knight's arms.

banner - during 13c use of gonfanons (the particular mark of barons at this time) faded and they were superceded by banners. Initially they were twice as high as long, and later became square.

standard - a long tapered flag with a rounded or double-rounded end. They came into use in the 15c. The growing popularity of badges in the late 15c caused an upsurge in the use of standards as well at this time, since they were an excellent means of displaying them. Standards were between 4 and 9 yards long, depending on the status of the owner.


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