The Crusader's Song

by Conn MacNiell

Chorus:I'm for the Holyland sailing, to win back Jerusalem's walls,I'm for the Holyland sailing, and I'll win a fortune or a martyr I'll fall.As my ship sails out I watch the far coastline,For leaving of kinsmen my heart is full pained,And I've traded all for the cross at my shoulder,No land for a third son, so I'm away.ChorusAs I look around me at the men on the benches,Their eyes are like mine so I know their hearts' pain,I sing them a song of bravery and battle,Now their eyes shine like their clean polished blades.ChorusWe followed King Richard to Sicily island,For Johanna's dowry 'gainst Tancred prevailed,Now a fortune in silver, a new wife hath Richard,And I've a swift horse, and a fine coat of mail.ChorusAt landfall in Cypress they refused Barengaria,Richard in anger has answered in steel,Now the Crown of Cypress he's added to England's,And I've added knighthood's gold spurs to my heels.ChorusI followed the banner to battle at Acre,And held it aloft when it's bearer was slain,Now we've given Richard a tower of the city,He's given me rank and a full captain's pay.ChorusAt Arsuf on the coastline we met with the paynim,We won the battle though many men fell,And one was a Baron with lands that need tending,Now they are mine, and I'll tend them well.ChorusNow I sit in court over Christian and Moslem,And I've a fine keep and soldiers ten score,And King Richard's army he's sailed back to England,And I've said farewell, for I'll see them no more,You see, I'm in the Holyland staying, to guard my own castle walls,I'm in the Holyland staying, and I've won my fortune so farewell to all.

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Created Dec 8 1994 by Aaron Rice (
a Timpview High School student
in partnership with the
David O. McKay School of Education
Brigham Young University